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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Denton Wedding November 2010

It has occured to me that I never posted pics from the Dean/Denton Wedding from this past November. Sorry about that! Here is a sampling of the great night! Enjoy!

Kelly's gorgeous dress!

After Ed and Kelly arrived from the chapel.

Kelly and her handsome English Knight Ed!

FSU!FSU!FSU! I don't know hot to spell out the FSU chant! LOL!

Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show was a hit!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted pictures sooner! As most of you know I haven't been well with an upper-respitory infection so I have been resting. I need to get better to be able to visit with all of my lovely brides and grooms! We had a great time at the show and we met so many fantastic people. There were so many fun and unique ideas at the show that I am sure you all walked away with interesting services for your big day. I'm looking forward to meeting with you all!
Your Alaqua Country Club Wedding Coordinator
Delinah DuBose 

Brooke, myself and Kerri

This time with the Fab Ms Karen!